AKUKO - Giftbox Ogene Dress Bamboo Socks

399 kr

The perfect gift for fathers, friends and loved ones. Akuko have got the perfect gift box that you have been searching for. 

This gift box contains four colorful dress socks in size 44-46 from Akuko's Ogene Collection. Their collection is inspired by the musical instrument Ogene from Nigeria, which is also used as a tool by the town cryer to call for gatherings in Igbo communities.

The gift box is inspired by the four market days that make up the native week in the Igbo calendar – Eke, Oye, Afor and Nkwo. According to the calendar and Igbo traditions the farmer works for only three days and rests completely from farming on the fourth day. The four market days also serve as a form of identification. Newborn babies are named after the day they were born on.